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Here are some of the factors when you think about the dayhome rates in Calgary.

Is the service provided a full-time or part-time care?

Is the part time by schedule or occasional drop in style, is it daily, weekly?

The part time must be defined, before school care, after school, how many hours, how many days?

Also you have to take in consideration that the dayhome rates in Calgary can have another factor, the child age.

What happened if you have two children from the same family is there a discount? Is it easier for dayhome to have brothers, sisters from the same family, so is there a discount for that? Too many questions, that's right.

After a little research from advertisements and mouth-to-mouth information the full-time monthly rates in Calgary are currently between $600 and $875 in the suburbs to $1200 for a downtown day care. Probably the Calgary dayhome rates have different values in some communities.

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  • Calgary Dayhomes rates are informative numbers, when we will reach the number of advertised dayhomes, daycares on our site, probably the statistics will be more accurate about the Calgary dayhome rates.